Caseyville Township on a bad trajectory

March 18, 2014 

Caseyville Township government is going to hell on a slippery slope. Trustee Richard Donovan and his henchmen buddies, Don Chrismore and James Lemansky, are up to their usual tricks.

I'm pretty sure they have a meeting before the established meeting to get there ducks in a row. They have set up time limits and rules for how they may be addressed in the meetings, hoping to discourage comments from the public.

They have entered into contracts without seeking bids. They have hired people without advertising those positions. They have hired kinfolk. They have hired political hires. They want all the positions nonunion so they can control the people they hire. The people who were hired before are now working in a hostile environment, afraid for their jobs.

These three men have brought dirty, corrupt politics to the township. Donovan actually has assumed the supervisor's position, even though he wasn't elected to that position, due to his ability to control Chrismore's and Lemansky's votes.

It's too bad we have to put up with these bullying, no-honor, no-ethics officials for three more years.

Claude T. Cable

Fairview Heights

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