Why faith can't grow

March 19, 2014 

We recently heard the sermon about a farmer who scattered his seeds on a path, on rocky ground or in thorn bushes and none of these produced a crop, but the seeds scattered on soil that was prepared properly produced a bountiful harvest.

The farmer is God and his seed is his word the Bible and tradition. The loss of millions of Catholics annually can be compared to a farmer who did not prepare his fields properly prior to planting.

God has given Catholic priests and bishops the responsibility to carry on where he left off to be sure the people have been properly prepared to hear and accept the word of God. They have failed miserably and their scapegoat is society for failing to perform their solemn duty.

We have closed more than 2,000 Catholic schools in the last 15 years because of lack of parental support. Parents no longer believe their children were getting a Catholic education and in fact, in many schools they were teaching anti-Catholic beliefs under the guise of Ecumenism coupled with a false compassion for our Protestant brothers in Christ.

Yes, the dismal failure to church leadership can be laid at the feet of our pastors and our bishops; they have opted to not tell the truth about our beautiful Catholic faith.

Lee Harris


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