Some poverty can't be fixed

March 19, 2014 

The blatant hypocrisy regarding poverty in America has become silly. We continue to see the ridiculous letters and expressions about providing more government programs and welfare for the poor.

When are the bleeding heart simpletons going to realize that a significant number of those who live in poverty are the dedicated poor? The dedicated poor are those who engage in conduct to deliberately impoverish themselves for the express purpose of hustling welfare benefits.

The dedicated poor impoverish themselves far faster than subsidized housing and the overly generous government welfare benefits can be provided for them.

I would urge liberals to visit the extensive public housing and Section 8 communities and discover the reason many of the residents are so destitute. Those who become impoverished for reasons beyond their control, like loss of a job, should be helped. The welfare deadbeats should be eliminated from the dole and required to work.

There is a mechanism for rescuing the children and infants without continuing to subsidize the deadbeats.

William R. Lambert


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