Republicans seek to unseat four incumbents on St. Clair County Board

News-DemocratMarch 20, 2014 

Republican challengers seek to defeat four incumbent Democrats on the St. Clair County Board in the Nov. 4 election.

The board has 29 members, 21 of whom are Democrats. The remaining seats are filled by seven Republicans and Curtis McCall Jr. -- who represents Cahokia in District 25 as a member of the Good Government Party.

Here's how the County Board races now stand:

District 1

Incumbent County Board member Robert Allen Jr. defeated challenger Norman J. Miller in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. Allen had 618 votes, about 70 percent, and Miller had 263 votes, about 30 percent.

Allen, of Fairmont City, was appointed to the position in April to fill the vacated seat of Carl Gomez.

Allen now faces Republican Rob Dorman, of Collinsville, in their campaigns to represent Fairmont City and parts of Caseyville and Collinsville.

District 2

St. Clair County Board member Joan McIntosh, of Washington Park, defeated four challengers in Tuesday's Democratic primary in her campaign to retain her seat representing Washington Park and part of East St. Louis.

McIntosh collected 558 votes, about 38 percent, in her bid to represent District 2 for a two-year term. Her opponents split the remaining votes with Edith Moore collecting 462, Rickie Thomas with 334, Mack Slater with 104 and Marvin B. Strode with 16.

Strode, of Washington Park, had unsuccessfully sought a court-order tossing his opponents from the ballot because the candidates allegedly did not properly fill out their nominating petitions.

McIntosh was appointed in July after her husband, Willie McIntosh, resigned from the seat in May. McIntosh is running unopposed in the November election.

District 3

Incumbent Oliver W. Hamilton defeated challenger Matt Hawkins in the Democratic primary Tuesday. Both candidates are from East St. Louis. Hamilton had 825 votes, about 74 percent, and Hawkins had 292 votes, about 26 percent.

District 3 represents parts of Brooklyn, East St. Louis, Sauget and Cahokia. Hamilton is running unopposed in the November election.

District 12

Incumbent Angela Grossmann-Roewe, a Democrat of Belleville, faces challenger Guy N. Don Carlos, a Republican of Belleville, in the November election. The seat represents part of eastern Belleville.

Grossmann-Roewe was appointed in July when Patricia Keeley vacated her seat to accept an associate judge post with the 20th Judicial Circuit Court.

District 13

Incumbent Steve Reeb, a Republican of Belleville, is running unopposed to continue representing parts of Swansea and Shiloh.

District 18

Incumbent Craig Hubbard, a Republican of O'Fallon, is running unopposed to continue representing O'Fallon.

District 21

Incumbent Frank Heiligenstein, a Democrat of Freeburg, is running unopposed to continue represent Freeburg and part of Smithton.

District 23

Incumbent Dennis Renner, a Democrat of O'Fallon, is running unopposed to continue representing parts of O'Fallon and Shiloh.

District 27

Incumbent Kenneth G. Sharkey, a Democrat, faces challenger Matthew R. Stirrup, a Republican, in the November election to represent parts of Fairview Heights and O'Fallon. Both candidates are from Fairview Heights.

District 28

Incumbent Joseph J. Kassley Jr., a Democrat, faces challenger Timothy L. Buchanan, a Republican, in the November election to represent parts of Fairview Heights and Swansea. Both candidates are from Swansea.

Political parties have until June 2 to appoint a candidate to fill a vacancy in a race as long as the party did not nominate someone in the primary election.

The voting results from the primary election will be canvassed April 8 in St. Clair County, and only become official once certified by the Illinois State Board of Elections.

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