GOP gets wrongly blamed

March 20, 2014 

Writer Larry Brown's letter about poverty being all Republicans' fault is just so much liberal hogwash. His comparison of American poverty with poverty in other countries is indicative of this fact.

It depends on your definition of poverty. Surveys have shown that most people receiving public aid in this country have air-conditioning, television sets, computers, cars, washers, dryers and water heaters. In most countries and some European countries, you must get government approval to install an air-conditioner in your home. Water heaters are practically unknown as the cost of energy precludes their use. No water heaters, no washers.

The United States spends more money on public aid than any country. And conservatives have a right to be suspicious of the government. The Obama administration has lied on so many issues, how could we ever trust them?

I'm a conservative and I pay a ton of taxes while there is a Democrat who writes to the BND bragging that he is one of the 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal taxes even though he lives in a very expensive neighborhood. I find it strange, if this country is as poverty-stricken as Brown allows, that millions of foreigners are standing in line to get into America to share our "poverty."

Leon Anderson


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