Now who's being selective?

March 21, 2014 

A conservative letter writer took issue with some of my "selective facts." He is correct. The World Health Organization ranking the U.S. health care system at 37th in the world is from 2000. It might be worse by now. A July 2013 ranking by the American Medical Association ranked the U.S. at 28th. The point is, our health care system is nowhere near the best in the world.

The writer says President Obama took our debt from $9 trillion to $17 trillion. Obama did not vote for financial deregulation, the Bush tax cuts, the Iraq war for oil or the Medicare drug bill. Apparently conservatives believe the ongoing costs of these fiascos stopped as soon as Obama walked into the White House. Combined, they are the biggest drivers of our debt.

What happened to President Bush's promise that his tax cuts would eliminate our debt by 2010?

The letter writer says Obama could get anything he wanted during the so-called Democratic supermajority of 2009-2010. That's funny, since 137 cloture motions were filed to stop Republican filibusters during that congressional term. Republican obstruction is still rampant today.

By the way, most of the oil we went to war for in Iraq is now going to China. Isn't that sickening?

Gene Robke


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