Conservatives are more generous than liberals

March 21, 2014 

In a recent letter in the BND, Larry L. Brown is about 100 percent wrong. He says that Americans are not generous, particularly Republican-leaning people. Well, it is common knowledge that Americans are the most generous people on this planet. Any disaster or famine that occurs inside or outside this country gets immediate aid from the American people. If one would check the percentages of the personal incomes of liberal millionaires versus conservative millionaires, he would find that wealthy conservative people are far, far more generous with donations than are liberals. This goes all the way up to the White House.

I recently had a letter printed about the husband of Democrat Dianne Feinstein who, with her husband, are the sole Realtors involved in the sale of 56 Post Office properties. They will make from $950 million to $1.1 billion from this deal. Is this not greed while ignoring the corruption? How much of their proceeds do you think will go to help the homeless or hungry children?

Conservatives see the corruption in the welfare system that liberals seem to be blind to. The welfare system needs to be monitored so that funds are used for what they were intended, not for drugs, alcohol, gambling or bartering.

We can start by getting these corrupt politicians out of office and replace them with dedicated, fiscally responsible leaders. Americans blew the opportunity to get rid of President Obama in 2012: let's see if we can do better in future elections.

Jim Bonnevier


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