Hypocrisy empties the church pews

March 21, 2014 

It is not hard to comprehend why the Catholic Church is finding it challenging to fill its pews on Sundays. A church I was encouraged all my life to respect and revere continues to founder.

Simply stated, the hypocritical views of the church have become increasingly more difficult to abide. Following the Los Angeles Diocese's recent decision to fork over $750 million in an out-of-court settlement to pedophilia victims, Pope Francis was quoted in an Italian publication as saying that he feels the church had been "transparent and responsible" in the handling of the decade-long media coverage. Can you say intellectual dishonesty? It was almost as if the pope considered the church the victim.

Does Pope Francis truly believe the church has been cooperative and willing to do anything in cleaning up this mess? Does the pope expect his flock to believe the church has made discerning decisions?

It's always possible Pope Francis has decided to pragmatically circle the wagons to protect future church assets. The church has apparently decided to take what has become typical, the low road, and in the process sent many of its disbelieving flock heading hurriedly away from this once proud religion.

How do these sorts of corporate- like comments arise from the leader of a once proud spiritual body? I truly feel sorry for the victims, victims' families and righteous brothers, priests and bishops who have to serve under such a myopic, misleading and unapologetic spiritual leader.

Steve Frazier

Fairview Heights

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