Don't force beliefs

March 21, 2014 

This is in response to John A. Mitan's stinging criticism of Pope Francis in the BND March 15. In 1517 Martin Luther's charge against the Catholic Church citing "gross errors in practice of their medieval doctrine and practices" resulted in the birth of Protestantism and great split in the church. In the 21st century there will be multiple splits leading to the nonexistence of the Catholic Church, I am afraid, if we do not change in our thinking of social issues.

There is paradox in pro-lifers' behavior. They want a child brought in to this world at any cost but are against child welfare and education programs. Most of these kids unfortunately born into poor families will develop a hard-core criminal lifestyle. Then the pro-lifers who profess to save human life at any cost are pro-death-penalty advocates. Many of them even volunteer to pull the switch of an electric chair.

It is less painful and cruel to break an egg than slash the neck of a grown chicken full of life.

What right does one group of people have to force their beliefs on other people? What if Muslims decided all women should wear a burka and all countries should practice Sharia law? How would the rest of the world react?

Mike Rau


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