Get ready for the backlash for the 'no' vote on jail

March 22, 2014 

Get ready, folks; fasten your seat belts. Revenge is served best when served cold.

St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern and his henchman are out to get you for voting down the jail deal. Now that they look bad for not telling you where the extra $80 million was going -- oh yeah, public safety -- they are gonna make you pay. "How dare you question us?"

Sheriff Rick Watson is going to let these prisoners out and is threatening us with this, and he's going to be elected sheriff? People better wake up. The same thing happened with a local airport, remember?

They're team players as long as they are the captain and have the ball. Now Kern and Watson are taking their ball home; game over.

Hey, boys, how about telling us exactly where the extra money is going? Oh, yea, and next time, let us vote on something before you spend $250,000 of our tax money on blueprints.

Bret Rasch


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