Put your head, heart, hands and health to the test

March 23, 2014 

The St. Clair County Extension and Education Foundation sponsored a 4-H Trivia Night on Feb. 1 in Mascoutah, where the 4-H'ers ran the event, from moderating to selling refreshments.

The money raised helps support the 4-H Youth Development Program, which offers a variety of educational programs, camps, workshops and special-interest groups to youth. If you want to contribute to the program, call the Extension at 618-939-3434.

1. If Rachael Ray tells you to add EVOO to a dish, what ingredient is she talking about?

2. Who was the first guest host of "Saturday Night Live?"

3. In what year was the film "The Wizard of Oz" released?

4. In baseball, how many sides does home plate have?

5. When texting, what does G2G mean?

6. What sauce is used in traditional Eggs Benedict?

7. What event is staged first in the annual Ironman competition: biking, swimming or running?

8. What state was first to secede from the Union in 1860?

9. How many sons does George Foreman have who are named George?

10. Who was the first female artist inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

11. What NFL team lost four Super Bowls in a row?

12. What state has the nickname the Pelican state?

13. Vanna White's first appearance was on which TV game show?

14. What were the four original shapes in Lucky Charms cereal?

15. What woman won the only gold medal for the United States at the 1968 Winter Olympics?


1. Extra-virgin olive oil

2. Steve Martin

3. 75 years ago in 1939

4. Five

5. Good to go

6. Hollandaise sauce

7. Swimming, followed by biking, then running

8. South Carolina

9. Five

10. Aretha Franklin (in 1987)

11. Buffalo Bills, 19990-1993

12. Louisiana

13. "The Price Is Right," (as a contestant in 1980)

14. Stars, moons, covers, hearts

15. Peggy Fleming, figure skater

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