Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

March 23, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair and Madison counties.



* 714 E. McKinley St.; from Doanld Tompkins and Brenda Tompkins; to Kelly Perry; $104,000.

* 2336 Four Lakes Drive; from McBride & Son Residential; to Adrian D. Beamon and Hope C. Beamon; $215,000.

* 2863 Fairway Drive; from Dennis E. Snep and Marjorie Ann Snep; to Andrew J. Kellerman; $195,000.

* 101 Bluegrass Lane; from Sharon L. Wentz; to William Knobeloch and Susan Knobeloch; $68,000.

* 212 Sundew Drive; from Thomas W. Moss and Terrie J. Moss; to Lee D. Baker and Pamela R. Baker; $175,000.

* 233 Sundew Drive; from Chester Ratcliffe; to Thomas L. Cox; $215,000.

* 2624 Ambridge Drive; from Kelly Deeker and Derrick Deeker; to Jeffrey Wood and Dawn Wood; $195,000.

* 338 N. Powder Mill Road; from John T. Schey Jr. and Deborah A. Schey; to Lesley A. Peterson; $162,000.

* 6023 W. B St.; from Rose M. Cullen; to St. Louis Investment LLC; $10,000.

* 1809 W. F St.; from Barbara Carr-Reuter; to Jacob R. Benscotter III; $82,000.

* 201 S. 37th St.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to John C. Desroches; $59,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1003 Upper Cahokia Road; from People's National Bank; to Derrick R. Olunloyo and Shane E. Trebing; $2,500.

* 400 W. 5t St., from Helen Cooper, Dennis Cooper, Robert K. Cooper; to John G. McDonald Sr.; $20,000.

* 400 W. 5th St.; JohnG. McDonald; to Rodney Fults; $14,500.


* 109 Hawk Run Court; from McBride & Son Residential; to Rufus Riley Jr. and Frankie Riley; $299,500.

* 998 S. Main St.; from Charlene T. Holloway; to Ernest I. Hume; $55,000.


* 7335 Stonewolf Lake Pass; from Robert C. Kraus; to Sandra L. Lewis and Larry Lewis; $125,000.

* 9324 Marbarry Drive; from Brandon Strickland; to Lindsay Miland and Lauren Johnes; $159,000.


* 9511 Schaller Road; from Lynda K. Slate; to Joseph Walsh and Amber Walsh; $108,000.


* 1207 Eisenhower Road; from John Hill and Charissa Hill; to Robert S. Bryant and Brenda J. Bryant; $118,000.


* 123 W. Harrison St.; from Marianne I. Baltz; to Tina R. Nier; $144,000.


* 910 S. Mill St.; from Norma L. Volner; to Brian C. Lee and Katherine E. Lee; $65,000.


* 723 S. Vine St.; from Brandon M. Zollner and Laura Zollner; to Bradford E. Law and Julie M. Law; $102,000.

* 1206 Hamlin Court; from Braham Dewan and Anita B. Dewan; to Heath Floray and Amanda Floray; $248,000.

* 817 White House Lane; from John A. Rolstead and Elaine D. Rolstead; to Robert S. Mutters and Caroline M. Mutters; $284,000.

* 6809 Ridge Pointe Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Aaron J. Hudson and Jennifer Hudson; $205,000.

* 909 Jenna Lee Lane; from David E. Jones and Teresa E. Jones; to Torry C. Murray and Crystal J. Murray; $135,600.


* 26 Eagles Landing Drive; from McBride Eagles Landing; to Janet M. Stockmann; $277,500.

* 2767 London Lane; from TTW LLC; to Michael Robinson and Nancy Robinson; $186,000.


* 4032 Gentry Lane; from Kelly M. Rover and Nathan Rover; to Isaac Rogers Jr.; $89,000.

* 4109 Charlton Place; from John F. Kope and Annette L. Torrisi; to Amy M. Best; $260,000.



* 2821 Homer Adams Parkway; from Snip Eat Oil LLC; to GJJK Alton LLC; $400,000.

* 7 Holly Hill Drive; from Louise Miller and Paul F. Miller; to Michael R. Drake; $67,500.


* 701 Voorhees Lane; from Darla J. Campbell; to Ross E. Wilson and Marcia J. Wilson; $264,000.


* 1635 Red Bud Drive; from GEO Group Inc.; to Todd Lindow; $475,000.

* 1623 Red Bud Drive; from GEO Group Inc.; to Todd Lindow; $665,000.

* 1811 Ramada Blvd.; from Steven L. Griffin; to Sarah Weiss; $40,000.


* 219 Coventry Place; from Andrew W. Rawson and Melissa S. Rawson; to Steven J. Morrison Jr. and Emily S. Morrison; $245,000.


* 536 Glen Crossing Road; from Brock M. Nosbisch and Julie nosbisch; to Kathleen M. Jenkins; $83,500.

* 9 Jennifer Drive; from Michael R. Novacich and Susan A. Novacich; to Ricky G. Haydon and Clara P. Haydon; $185,000.


* 3802 Franklin Ave.; from Louis J. Bisto and Carol Bisto; to Carly M. Lasiter; $97,000.


* 9 Dorsett Lane; from Jon D. Summers and Amy J. Summers; to Michael J. Galazen and Kresta J. Galazen; $267,500.

* 20 Fox Run Court; from Daniel J. Stack and Dilnawaz Z. Stack; to John T. Hipsking and Wendy K. Hipskind; $46,000.

* 1202 9th St.; from Linda Sterrett; to Dennis J. Warren and Heather M. Warren; $152,500.


* 423 Meadow Drive; from Troy Real Estate LLC; to Todd Lindow; $310,000.

* 407 Meadow Drive; from Troy Real Estate LLC; to Todd Lindow; $310,000.

* 8421 Herrick Park Drive; from One Talented Carpenter Inc.; to Joshua R. Talley and Jill M. Talley; $307,000.

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