Speeders in East St. Louis will get tickets in the mail

News-DemocratMarch 24, 2014 

— The trial run is over for the laser speed cameras in East St. Louis. Beginning Monday morning, they went live.

Now anyone caught speeding by the laser camera in construction and school zones will receive a $100 ticket in the mail. And, police will be monitoring the streets within the city's limits, too, with hand-held cameras.

East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Floore said it is not a money grab for the city, but a stepped-up effort by the department to increase citizen safety and the safety of the police officers who are outside of their vehicles writing tickets.

"The cameras will capture picture of the motorists' license plates and tickets will be mailed to the addresses registered to the plates," Floore said.

"We are doing this because in the last two years the number of lives lost due to speeding motorist has been on the rise. And, just last year, a lady was run over and killed on 25th Street and Louisiana Avenue by a motorist speeding in a truck. We have to step up and do something to get motorists to slow down and comply with the speed limits," he said.

Floore said signs will be posted throughout the city warning of the presence of laser cameras.

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