Grant voters save the schools

March 24, 2014 

On behalf of the Steering Committee for Citizens to Save District 110, I extend our heartfelt thanks to the more than 1,500 voters who gave the Grant School referendum its landslide victory last Tuesday.

Thank you to residents for coming to the town hall meetings to ask questions and to comment. There is no doubt we had a well-educated electorate. I hope people keep staying informed.

Thank you to people for sharing information about our campaign with others and spreading the word. They should keep talking to friends and neighbors about what is important to the community.

Thank you for their time. Every flyer distributed, every call made, every letter to the editor or comment written, every voter canvassed helped. I hope people keep getting involved. It does make a difference.

It meant so much to hear the many compliments throughout the campaign. Community support propped us and showed us we were on the right side of the issue.

Thanks to the voters, for generations to come, 5-year-olds will take their parents' hands and walk into Illini Elementary for their first day of kindergarten, and 8.75 years later, those same children will graduate from Grant.

Our voters exemplified the democratic process by voting at a rate twice that of St. Clair County as a whole and clearly voicing that our schools are worth saving. They have made it possible for a stronger and more vibrant west Fairview Heights community. And for that they have our sincere gratitude.

Tiffany L. Baldwin

Fairview Heights

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