Too much emphasis on ethnicity

March 24, 2014 

Honorable. Hardworking. Humble. Lt. Gen. Darren McDew is being nominated to lead the Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base. The general's credentials are impeccable and speak for themselves.

As a veteran, I can readily relate to his most impressive career and worthiness to our country. However, I felt his ethnicity being mentioned twice on page 1 and again twice on page 2 had no relevance on the man's nomination.

McDew is where he is today because of his hard work, determination and achievements and not because he is a person of color or a black man.

It appears to me that the BND was going overboard to appeal to its African-American readers and I thought that Black History Month was in February, not March.

Did it not occur to you to reference that he could possibly be of Irish decent with a name like McDew since we were approaching St. Patrick's Day?

Mike Coleman

Granite City

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