Obama at war with the middle class

March 25, 2014 

* The non-partisan CBO says Obamacare will eliminate 2.5 million middle-class jobs and raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would kill 50,000 jobs.

* The EPA and special interest groups, (i.e. Greenpeace and The Sierra Club) kill coal mining, oil fracking and other union jobs in every region of the country. Animals are more important than people to President Obama.

* Hard-working middle class workers will pay health insurance subsidies for hundreds of thousands of workers forced out of work by Obama's war on jobs.

The inflation weapon:

* Skyrocketing fuel costs for cars, trucks, trains, etc., increase the cost of everything we buy, snatching hard-earned money right out of every worker's pockets.

* Oil fracking companies are poised to unleash an energy production boom, but Obama and the EPA won't let them. If Obama would let the energy companies do their jobs, the job growth and oil supply boom would create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs and reduce the cost of gas for all of us and the transportation cost of everything we buy.

These are Democratic policies, not just Obama policies. Democrats vote in favor of these programs, then slither away and hide so they don't have to justify their vote.

Any middle-class worker, union or nonunion, who votes Democratic is casting a vote to risk his job and the well-being of his family.

Joseph L. Fairbank

Fairview Heights

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