More on Obama and his promises

March 25, 2014 

Recently contributor Frankie Seaberry was listing all of President Obama's accomplishments. I'd like to fill in the blanks for those that she missed.

Obama promised that he would "reset" the relationship with Russia. He did. Now we're on the brink of returning to the Cold War years.

He promised he would fight to protect jobs. He's just particular in what jobs he protects. He cares for those who work in the various unemployment and welfare offices around the country. What would happen to their jobs if unemployment went down?

He promised that you could keep your current doctor. Oops, scratch that one.

He said that he would created savings by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He then passed the savings onto Egypt by throwing good taxpayer money away.

His foreign policies have gone awry as the Arab Spring turned bitter and Iran has continued to hoodwink his administration.

Now we anticipate more of Neville Chamberlain's -- I mean Obama's -- soft responses to Russian aggression. Remember that eavesdropped conversation between Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin sometime back? Another promise kept?

James J. Price


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