When trust crashes and burns

March 27, 2014 

The editorial cartoon in the March 20 paper made me laugh. It featured the MidAmerica Airport venture and the voters' rejection of new taxes to finance the building of a new jail.

Apparently the voters of this area have become fed up with taxes and have no confidence in our local area political cult to handle money wisely. If so, then experience supports the rationale.

It is a sad story, and an ironic one, that something that we did not want and did not need was forced upon us and has since then gouged us for hundreds of millions of dollars but yet something that we need was voted against because of lack of confidence in our political leaders.

I voted for the tax increase to finance the jail expansion. With the increased crime rate in our area, new space will be needed. Meanwhile, our tax dollars are going to sustain a big white elephant.

John F. Kennedy once said: "Our task now is not to fix the blame for the past, but to fix the course for the future." Perhaps now, more than ever, we should be guided by that philosophy.

Frank B. Austin


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