Obama punishes his enemies

March 27, 2014 

Excellent letter by Amy DiGiovanni in the paper regarding President Obama (should I say King Obama) and his royal edicts on Obamacare, minimum wage, exemptions to friends, etc. DiGiovanni raises the question of why Obama shows such favoritism toward some for exemptions to Obamacare and not to others. She wonders why he doesn't champion Hobby Lobby for its high starting wage of $14 an hour and refused to give them exemptions on Obamacare based on their Christian principles against paying for birth control in the plan.

Her questions are easy to answer. Obama's philosophy, as he once said is, to "punish your enemies and reward your friends." He despises Hobby Lobby for standing up against him on health care and being a bold Christian entity. Thus, no favors and no recognition for an enemy.

He favors those who favor him and will grant those favors based on blind loyalty to his crown and his end objectives. Obama is evil, lawless, and he needs to be stopped. Unfortunately Congress has not the will to challenge him.

Brent Rains


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