Shopping: 'New' At Home store looks very familiar

News-DemocratMarch 28, 2014 

Well, I thought a new home decor retailer slipped right into O'Fallon and past my X-ray shopping vision.

A reader emailed asking about a store she thought had opened in O'Fallon called At Home. I checked, and sure enough, the metro-east now has an At Home store at 1287 Central Park Drive. That's where Garden Ridge used to be. But, Garden Ridge slipped one by us: At Home is owned by Garden Ridge and the store here, as well as ones in Fenton and Bridgeton, are getting the new name.

The company is putting $1 million into rebranding and new products at the three locations.

From what I can tell from my walk-through Tuesday, only a few things have changed: the color scheme is now blue and white (instead of orange and white), there is more merchandise in a somewhat better arrangement -- though not much has been moved around -- and a few room displays have been added.

My find of the day was the indoor/outdoor rugs in bold colors and patterns. They measure 26-by-45 inches, cost $19.99 and are listed as being weather- and sun-resistant. You can take a hose to them and clean them off. I also saw larger sizes and other patterns for $49.99.

Need Easter basket fillers? Michaels Crafts in Shiloh has $1 books of Easter stickers near the front of the store. I counted about six different theme books filled with between 200 and 400-plus stickers. Kids can put them on eggs, books and more.

The TOCO resale shop in Belleville is doing some spring cleaning. On Thursday, take half off the entire store, while on Friday it's the $5 Stuff Your Bag Sale. Then on April 5, the bag sale drops to $4 as the nonprofit business gets ready for its seasonal changeover. It will close April 6 and will reopen April 10 with all-new spring merchandise.

In case you're thinking of buying a single-serve coffeemaker, but you don't want to spend $100 to get a Keurig, consider the black Bella coffeemaker on clearance at Macy's for $19.99. It's a one-scoop, one cup device, in which you add your own coffee to the permanent filter. It comes with a good-sized mug. It has a pause-and-serve function that lets you enjoy a cup mid-cycle and an adjustable drip tray so you can use a variety of mug sizes. Look for them downstairs near the checkout counter near furniture at the St. Clair Square store.

The St. Louis Dugout location at the mall is shuttered.

Fuego at the mall has moved downstairs next to Victoria's Secret. I immediately was drawn to the shiny and pretty chrome ring holders shaped like octopus, elephant, giraffe, cat, swan, bunny and duck. The Zoola ring holder are made by Umbra, known for its sleep and modern designs. One would be a cute Easter gift to put in a basket for the woman in your life. Each is under $9.

Don't forget the free fruit tree seminar from noon to 2 p.m. today at Eckert's Garden Center in Belleville. Learn about the variety of fruit trees available to homeowners, as well as the basics of planting and caring for them.

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