Upset with Belle Valley board president

March 28, 2014 

I recently sent Belle Valley School Board President Karen Kunz a letter expressing my concern about her unacceptable board conduct. She refused to accept delivery of it. Apparently she prefers I vent my frustration and disdain for her actions in the newspaper. So, the following is an abbreviated version of that letter:

Twenty-six years ago when Kunz was first elected to the Belle Valley School Board, she probably was a very personable lady with genuine, worthwhile goals for the school. However, she appears to have lost her moral compass and fallen prey to the undesirable side of politics.

Just look at her record for the last few years. As board president she presided over the political hiring of the school superintendent and some other questionable hires. Also, the school bond scandal occurred on her watch. She has suppressed communication and the release of public information. Violation of the Freedom of Information Act rules have become the norm.

The only two reasons boards refuse to release releasable information are to hide mistakes or improper behavior. There has certainly been improper behavior, which continues to be covered up. Look at the procedures for the purchase of the health insurance, and the list goes on. Her conduct makes a compelling case for term limits.

Ted Farmer


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