Finally in step with the EPA

March 28, 2014 

The recent article about legislation to limit the noise level in the theaters is great news. The Environmental Protection Agency has almost shut down the lumber industry by stopping the logging industry. The EPA is attempting to shut down drilling for oil and natural gas, the mining of coal, I even heard mention of shutting down lead mines.

I have disagreed with the EPA often but do agree on limiting sound levels in theaters. Of course, Hollywood will never let this happen. Have you sat at an intersection and wondered what was wrong with your car ... as it started vibrating and almost shaking? Oh! It was the radio blasting in the car next to you and the passengers gyrating to the vibrations.

The EPA temporarily stopped the replacement of a sewer line in the main street of a mountain community ... unless the project would not harm the wolverine population. No wolverines were ever seen there.

The EPA tried to require a sewage treatment plant be built at a small facility in the desert where six to eight personnel would temporarily do testing rather than providing a septic tank and leach field. The EPA said it was necessary to protect the live streams and rivers in the desert. There were no streams or rivers, live or dead, within a 25-mile radius of this facility.

The above mentioned industries provided a large number of jobs for loggers, logging trucks, lumber mills, miners, processing plants, the transportation industry and satellite industries that support them.

Lew Hiatt


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