Diversions don't fool anyone

March 28, 2014 

All the whining, teeth gnashing and diatribes against Republicans by liberal writers Gene Robke, Michael Ray Dillier, Frankie Seaberry and Kevin Gagen are just pathetic attempts to divert attention from the sorry mess the president they elected has made of this country. After all, the attacks President Obama has made against the "fat cats" on Wall Street, they have profited more from his actions than anyone. Meanwhile the middle class and poorer Americans Obama claimed he wanted to help are infinitely worse off as average wages have gone down while prices and taxes have gone up.

This country's foreign policy is an enigma as Obama stands around while the world goes to pieces. But Americans have finally caught on to what an inept leader Obama is, as his approval rating is in the 40s. We would have known this much sooner if the liberal news media had not been too busy kissing up to Obama to tell us what was really going on.

The liberal writers to this forum can keep on with their silly tirades on conservatives, but believe me, Americans have Obama's number.

Leon Anderson


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