So long, farewell for now

March 29, 2014 

After some thinking, taking a break from letter writing is in order.

So I will step down from my soapbox, use it to climb up on my high horse, ride down my rose petal covered yellow brick road to my ivory tower and look out my rose-colored windows.

Before leaving, please look further than the local paper for news. The Internet is a wonderful thing; put it to good use. Go searching with an open mind. Go to YouTube. Pick a topic. Sandy Hook? Aurora movie theater? It's easy to say "conspiracy theorist," yet when looked at objectively, things do seem odd.

Then there is local news from every city and state with items that don't make national news: Police violence, knockout games, more kids killing kids, the list goes on.

While on my break, my free time will be well-spent making tin foil hats.

Bob Anderson


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