What will history have to say?

March 29, 2014 

How will history record the decline of the Republic of the United States of America? In 1787 the world said a republic could not survive, that an educated elite is needed to dictate how citizens live. No other country in history had a government run by the people for the people with justice and liberty for all.

Whoever heard of allowing citizens the free will to follow their dreams based on the rule of law as outlined under a Constitution?

The ruling elite said the goal has to be a homogeneous society. Share the wealth; create a social justice environment and a level playing field for all citizens. A large government is required to provide a politically correct atmosphere and laws that affect all goods and services including health care.

In 2008 a majority of our citizens bought into a progressive agenda and a president who pledged to transform our nation.

Well, since 1787 the United States has proved that a republic not only can work but become one of the greatest nations on earth. We have a proven track record, something the current government tries to downplay. However, hard work and American exceptionalism does work. We don't need to be transformed into a third-rate country.

Tell big government to shove its politically correct mandates, rules and regulations and let the free enterprise system work.

Citizens we must end this progressive government before we lose our republic.

William D. Coulson


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