No one works harder for Belleville

March 29, 2014 

After reading letters to the editor, especially the unsigned ones, (cowards), I must reply.

Most people who write have no idea how many hours Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert puts in. I guarantee that no one who writes in puts in the hours that Eckert does.

I spend a great deal of time in Belleville. I work with some non-for-profits that are housed in Belleville and I own two businesses in Belleville. I don't put in the hours that the mayor does. I may not always agree with some of the decisions that are made, but I know he has thought them through and only has the best interest of the city in mind when he makes his decisions.

He has given his heart and soul to this community for more years than most people know -- first as a concerned citizen, with the Franklin Neighborhood Association, as an alderman and now as mayor. No one can dispute this man's love for this city.

He is up early in the morning, riding around the city, checking on properties, roads and even trash. He then puts in a full day of work, only to have to go to many meetings, events and ceremonies at night and weekends. Yet the mayor finds time to talk with the residents of Belleville and listen to their concerns or help them with a problem.

No, he is not perfect, but no one works harder to make Belleville a better place to live.

Paula R. Jones


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