Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

March 30, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 700 Centerville Ave.; from Aaron Reaka; to Michael Simpson and Tara Frey; $81,500.

* 405 Garden Blvd.; from King Family Partnership LP; to Pressley Piner; $125,000.

* 2324 Meadow Drive; from David T. Gillette; to Diane Holland; $30,000.


* 19 Melvin; from The Heirs and Devisees of Carrol E. Reidelberger, Deceased; to Tequila L. Best and Lonnie L. Best; $20,000.

* 808 St. Matthew Drive; from Barry S. Foster; to Henry Waller; $8,500.


* 212 S. Second; from Emil L. Schiller and Mary L. Schiller; to Joshua Bariola and Melonie Bariola; $34,000.


* 709 Ohio Ave.; from Jerald D. Schneider; to Raymond A. Bonds; $5,000.


* 205 Debra Drive; from Inez Bradley; to Mei Yun Zhen; $87,000.


* 105 S. Vine St.; from Alan Bush and Jean Bush; to Tyler Isaak and Courtney Isaak; $118,000.


* 402 N. Park St.; from Raymond E. Heil and Sharon Heil; to Adam E. Terry and Malori K. Thompson; $67,000.


* 217 A&B Aaron Court; from D.S.C. Development LLC; to K & G Property Management; $130,000.

* 216 A&B Aaron Court; from D.S.C. Development LLC; to K & G Property Management; $130,000.

* 550 Redstone Court; from Allen P. Frank and Katherine Kebisek-Frank; to Jeremy J. Beaird and Cynthia A. Beaird; $237,000.


* 417 Marbleton Circle; from Troy L. Phelps and Maribel T. Phelps; to Sam Naji and Kristina Naji; $287,500.

* 1249 Conrad Lane; from Ronald F. Helf and Ivanova C. Helf; to Jeffrey Elchert and Ashley Elchert; $278,000.

* 1410 Blackberry Lane; from Brian L. Farrell and Elizabeth A. Farrell; to Jeremy S. Horton and Nikita A. Horton; $163,000.

* 920 Maces Grove Road; from Tygracon Properties; to Amanda J. Lynch and Joshua J. Szymanski; $40,500.

* 931 Crabapple Lane; from Jeremy L. Hughes and Alyson C. Hughes; to Jeff M. Everett and Megan M. Everett; $180,000.


* 120 Barrett Drive; from Andrea Mouldon; to Keith Becherer; $178,000.

* 3617 Buckland Court; from Dan C. Hamana nd Leigh A. Haman; to Gregory B. Auerbach and Linsay A. Auerbach; $249,000.


* 5716 & 5718 N. Park Drive; from Lemmon Brown Sr.; to Ricardo Monreal; $5,000.



* 5839 Marine Road; from James A. Martin and Terryl W. Martin; to Scott Parson; $185,000.


* 2511 N. Rodgers Ave.; from Sara E. Witt and Coy Witt; to Edward A. chase; $97,500.

* 3011 Brown St.; from David A. McGiffen and Charline M. McGiffen; to Keith Siatkowski and Vanessa Siatkowski; $79,500.

* 2311 Seiler Road; from James Goudy and Enise A. Goudy; to Gary L. Skaggs Jr. and Suzanne M. Skaggs; $128,000.


* 709 E. Bethalto Blvd.; from Shannon L. Blair; to Billie J. Blair and Tyler J. Shampine; $145,000.

* 4632 McCoy Road; from Jeff Lange; to Casey M. Stutz and Jessica Stutz; $205,000.


* 1502 California Ave.; from Damon T. Willims and Cynthia K. Williams; to Melissa Bailey; $122,000.

* 200 Westmoreland St.; from Armon A. Gill and Sheila K. Gill; to Michael J. Bollinger and Lea A. Bollinger; $174,000.


* 86 Morningside Drive; from Gary J. Christ; to Cheryle L. Tucker; $179,500.


* 402 St. Rosa Drive; from John Q. Adams IV and Brittany N. Adams; to Christina D. Isringhausen; $102,500.

* 4719D Adrian Court; from John B. Gaskill and Colleen Gaskill; to Thomas J. Bunce and Mary Bunce; $169,500.

* 5811 Deer Trail; from Henry H. Lamb Jr., and Ruth Lamb; to Evan Lamb and Leah Lamb; $70,000.

* 5678 Humbert Road; from Barry D. Lord and Robert D. Angel; to Derrick J. Howard; $108,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2628 Jason Drive; from John J. Yurkovich; to Phillip J. Wicks and lori A. Wicks; $166,000.

* 2537 Roney Drive; from Clifford D. Crispens; to Angela N. Walls; $86,500.

* 1719 Garfield Ave.; from Daniel M. McBride and Stephanie McBride; to Erika K. Yeargian and Manuel Fuentes; $105,000.

* 2 Devon Hill Lane; from Christy L. Meszaros; to John C. Sihrer and Betty L. Sihrer; $101,500.

* 5149 Sheila Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Humberto R. Ramirez; $36,760 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 12800 N. Ridge Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Michaelle A. Null; $117,200 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1521 Lindenthal Ave.; from Douglas B. Nobilette, Douglas D. Nobilette, Karn A. Nobilette; to Jared L. Hatton; $135,000.

* 1511 Laurel St.; from Shannon T. Snow and Jessica M. Snow; to Linda K. Wiese; $56,000.

* 43 Lexington Lane; from Jo A. Arttus; to Ross W. Arttus Jr.; $117,750 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 419 Deer Run; from John A. Reed and Andrea Reed; to Jeremy C. Durbin and Luciana Durbin; $95,000.


* 8901 Wendell Creek Drive; from Wendell Creek Estates LLC; to Kyle Byrne and Kaitlin Byrne; $240,000.


* 531 Bluestem Court; from Kyle A. Byrne and Kaitlin Byrne; to James C. Walthall and Jaime L. Walthall; $130,500.


* 402 Sotier Place; from Jamella R. Amos and Helen L. Sanders; to Arsenal Alton Properties; $28,000.



* 602 Lakefield Drive; from Debra K. Valentine and Richard W. Valentine; to Traci Bolle; $233,000.

* 211 E. Walnut St.; from Matthew Hesterberg; to Ryan P. Spitz; $103,000.

* 9078 D Road; from Gregg Crawford; to Christine Davison; $295,000.

* 218 S. Riebeling St.; from Russell Services Inc.; to Scott F. Schumer; $117,000.


* 1528 Rachael Lane; from Silvercreek Crossing LLC; to Andrew J. Briesacher and Kelly L. Briesacher; $29,000.

* 7036 Clayton Road; from Clayton Meadows Inc.; to Melanie Guerra and Robert Guerra; $223,000.

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