What's out there: Gardening kits, Jellies and sippy cups

March 30, 2014 

GARDENING KITS: Let the little ones enjoy spring gardening by planting everything from basil to daisies. They can start them indoors now with these kits from Five Below in Fairview Heights. The dollar kits come in tiny clay pots and include forget-me-nots, daisies, strawberries and clover. Instructions are included. The $3 kits from Eco Plant Pals give names to the green buddies children can start, from Polka Dot Patty to Basil Bob. Another set of starter plants is organic and comes in coconut coir pots you put directly in the ground when ready. The set includes sunflower, green beans and watermelon.

GIRLS' SHOES: Jellies, made of PVC plastic, never go out of style with little girls. This colorful collection from Old Navy in Fairview Heights comes in a variety of colors (black and white not shown). You'll find them in sizes 5 to 10.

SIPPY CUPS: Chicks and bunnies and lambs rule this time of year in sippy cup land at Target in Fairview Heights. These cute and practical items, including a blue and green boy bunny not shown, are $3.99, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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