What kind of car do you drive?

March 30, 2014 

We talked to students at Southwestern Illinois College

"A 2006 silver Pontiac Grand Prix. I like it because I have had it for a while and I am used to it. I don't like it getting kind of used. It has about 150,000 miles on it. My dream car would be any type of SUV."

Eric Radake, 21


math major who also is a cook at Ann Briar Golf Course

"A 2012 cobalt blue Chevy Cruze. I like it because it's a small compact car and I am tiny. That's what I like most about it and it has pretty good gas mileage as well."

Shirley Johnson, 34

East St. Louis

studyng phlebotomy and works retail

"A black 2009 Pontiac G6 and I love that car. Number one, it looks nice. Number two, I like the feel of the car."

Geoff Wagner, 20


studying physics and delivers sandwiches for Jimmy Johns

"I drive a pine green 1997 Suzuki. It's a small SUV and a good car despite its age and the wear and tear its previous owner put on it."

Colin Engle, 19


studying computer science and works as a tutor at SWI(*130*)'s Success Center

"I drive a white 2012 Dodge Caliber. I like that it's functional. It's not the prettiest car, but it's a nice car. I've had it just a year and a half."

Tyler Shemwell, 19


nursing major

"I drive a blue 2004 (Toyota) Highlander. I really like it. It's kind of spacious. I am a big person. I have a lot of room in it."

Jacob Williams, 23


studying mass communications, film and advertising and works at Rural King in Swansea

"I drive a gold 2006 Nissan Altima. I love it. It has cool features. It was my brother Andrew's car. My brother's car was stolen. He bought that one. When he had money to buy a car, I got the Nissan."

Adrienne Kellerman, 20


nursing major who works as a nanny during the summer

"I drive a navy blue 2001 Toyota Corolla. I reall like it even though it's an older car. I like the size. It's small and I am OK with it being older.The other day a friend opened the door and scraped the side. I wasn't freaking out. Also, it gets good gas mileage."

Hannah Cook, 18


music education major who is a ticket coordinator for the St. Louis Symphony

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