Reagan's record was terrible

March 31, 2014 

Contrary to letter writer Bob Dagner's insinuation, I never said confederates were limited to the Republican Party. Other misinformed letter writers should believe I don't agree with President Obama's every assessment. I disagree with his stand on a couple of social issues, and definitely his contention that Ronald Reagan was a great president. I think he was one of history's worst.

The puny accusations writer Leon Anderson leveled against Obama in no way equals Reagan's impeachable scandals. Some of his administrators were charged, but too many got away thanks to George Bush.

Reagan's record:

* Iran-Contra -- Sold weapons to Iran, and funneled proceeds to the Contras in Nicaragua to overthrow their government.

* HUD scandal -- Rigged low income housing bids to favor Reagan's Republican contributors, and to award Republican lobbyists.

* The EPA scandals -- Rewarded and punished groups for political beliefs; used grants to help Republican candidates; succumbed to industry.

* Stole taxpayers money to help the Savings and Loan institutions.

* Shut down mental institutions for the insane to walk the streets.

Those are but a few of Reagan's sins.

I believe Republicans want a smaller government and everything privatized so their constituents could have more control over taxpayers' money, and for a better opportunity to get away without getting caught.

But let's not change the subject. I'm still waiting for the five -- no, three -- positive innovations the Republican Congress made in the past five years that would warrant them support in the November election.

Frankie Seaberry


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