Scott stays in spite of county

March 31, 2014 

Now that I'm retired from the Air Force, I can write this. It's a good thing BRAC committees don't rate county governments for honesty and integrity, or Scott Air Force Base would be a dead duck.

In my 30-year Air Force career, both enlisted and officer, I was stationed in 15 different locations and I can tell you none of these locations could hold a candle to the corruption and crony politics of this county or in terms of poverty and dysfunction in some local towns.

I was the chief of police/security forces squadron commander at the largest Air Mobility Wing base in the command and I can tell you, even that urban location doesn't compare to St. Clair County in terms of crime, corruption and crony politics.

So unless the committee researches into imprisoned local officials, wasting taxpayer funds by asking for $130 million in taxes for a $28 million jail, and ignoring that silly pick-up truck with that annoying calliope that is trotted out every re-election year, I think we will be fine.

Scott is a fine base with superb leaders and a great military and civilian workforce, so we will undoubtedly pass muster. Let's just not talk about dead judges, locked up judges, roads full of potholes, fired chiefs of police (twice!) trash everywhere or airports to nowhere.

Phil Henning


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