Misguided view of pro-lifers

April 1, 2014 

This is in response to Mike Rau's letter March 22. He states that pro-lifers "want a child brought into this world at any cost but are against child welfare and education programs." This is wrong on two levels. First, we pro-lifers simply want an equal right to life for the unborn -- not at any cost. Second, we are clearly not against child welfare and education programs. Rather, we are for whatever organizations can provide the best solutions for the needy in terms of education and social services.

The Catholic Church is the greatest giver of resources for such services through private organizations such as Catholic Charities USA. Many of us believe child welfare and education services are among those best provided by the private sector, not the government. As for Rau's claim that many pro-lifers are pro-death penalty, while some may be, many of us aren't because we believe in equal protection of human life from conception to death.

Please don't paint all pro-lifers, or the Catholic Church, with the same negative broad brush.

Joe DiGiovanni


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