Leave the bobcats alone

April 2, 2014 

This is in reference to the story on state Rep. Jerry Costello II advocating a hunting season on bobcats. The issue with the decrease in the deer population is due to the extended deer hunting season and not bobcats killing deer.

Bobcats hunt rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals, not deer. Bobcats do not hunt in packs like wolves and coyotes and cannot take down an adult deer unless it is sick or injured. They can kill a small fawn but that take is very small and can't even be compared to what deer hunters take.

This proposed legislation is ill- advised and will do more harm than good. Just because some other states have a hunting season on bobcats doesn't mean Illinois should.

I encourage everyone to contact their state representative and vote no for this legislation. Please leave the bobcats alone as they aren't hurting anyone.

Michael Neiner


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