A 25-year wait isn't justice

April 2, 2014 

"Justice" has finally prevailed for the family of Kelli Hall by executing her murderer; but why did it take 25 years to get there? No one should have to wait this long to get satis- faction for his loved one who was murdered.

Not only did the family have to wait 25 years, but does anyone realize the cost this person has put upon each and everyone of us involved in the "justice" system? I am sure some people do not realize we are paying for this murderer's appeals.

My heart is with Kelli's family and hope and pray none of us must go through this horrible situation again. Somehow we need to work and change the appeals process. No one should ever have to wait 25 years for justice to raise its head again. The pain of the murder is horrible enough, but to wait forever is not acceptable.

Mata M. Weber

Chapter Leader

Parents of Murdered Children


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