IEPA issues health warnings for local waterways

April 3, 2014 


The state's Environmental Protection Agency along with a team of state health officials have issued the following warnings for streams, lakes and rivers in St. Clair County. The county has 47 major waterways; 13 of which were found to be unhealthy and 27 of which were not tested.

Unhealthy streams and lakes: 13

Frank Holten lakes in East St. Louis

* don't eat carp or catfish more than once a week

* algae, plankton, "recreational pollution" and other sources tarnish appearance

* runoffs from septic systems, sewers and fertilizer have crippled fish and animal life

Cahokia Canal: stretches east-west, just north of Fairmont

* siltation, floating solids, and other sources tarnish appearance

* runoffs from septic systems, sewers and fertilizer have crippled fish and animal life

Schoenberger Creek: stretches from Brooklyn southwest to Washington Park

* Bottom deposits, phosophorus and sludge tarnish appearance

* sewer overlows, nearby landfills, urban runoffs and contaminating chemicals cripple fish and animal life

Mississippi River: tested near Cahokia shore

* don't eat more than one small catfish (less than 18 inches) per week or one large catfish (longer than 18 inches) per month

* limit yourself to one meal of carp per week

* toxins from the atmosphere cause the water to be unfit for drinking or used in cooking

* the water has been found unfit to support fish and animal life

Harding Ditch: between Dupo and Millstadt

* high levels of feces cause water to be unsafe for humans and pets

* floating solids and other problems tarnish appearance

* runoff from sewers and fertilizer cripple fish and animal life

Prairie Du Long Creek: tested between Columbia and Waterloo

* crop production and fertilizer runoff has crippled fish and animal life

Richland Creek - South: tested in Belleville, south of Smithton and northeast of Hecker

* crop production, sewer overflows, surface mining and other sources have caused the creek to be unfit for wildlife

Kinney Branch: south of Freeburg

*bottom deposits and sludge tarnish its appearance

*fertilizer runoff and municipal point discharge cripples wildlife

Loop Creek: tested east of Mascoutah and another site southwest of Shiloh

* runoff from sewers and fertilizers has crippled fish and animal life

Little Silver Creek: northeast of Lebanon

* municipal discharges, crop production and animal feeding operations has crippled fish and animal life

Kaskaskia River: north of New Athens

* manmade chemicals make the water unfit for drinking and use in cooking

* water found to be unable to support fish and animal life

Mud Creek: east of Marissa

* crop production has crippled wildlife in the creek

Doza Creek: in Marissa

* abandoned mines, crop production and municipal sewers have crippled wildlife

Streams found healthy enough to support wildlife: 7

Prairie Du Pont Creek

Gartside Creek

parts of Richland Creek

Douglas Creek

Ogles Creek

Silver Creek Ditch

Silver Creek

Streams and lakes without enough testing to assess: 27

Caseyville Lake

Thompson Farm Pond

Henry White Lake

New Barrett Lake

Thornhill Lake



Justamir Lake

Little Canteen Creek

Schoenberger Creek South

Dead Creek

Sparrow Creek

Sugar Creek

part of Richland Creek South

Engle Creek

Hagemann Creek

Jacks Run

part of E. Br. Little Silver Creek

Ash Creek

Hazel Creek

Heberers Branch

Drum Hill Branch

Rayhill Slough

Reinhardt Slough

Jackson Slough

Sidechannel Reservoir

Lively Branch

* Results of testing conducted by state officials with the Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Public Health and Environmental Protection Agency.

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