Government services go automated

April 3, 2014 

This is in response to a letter March 27 by James J. Price titled, "Obama and his promises." The writer indicated that President Obama protects jobs at the unemployment and welfare offices. Apparently this man either slipped past the radar and retired or still has a job or he would know that many of these offices have been closed and the few that remain have a skeleton crew. Claims are filed via the Internet and talking robot on the phone; neither one works well. There is nobody to assist you or answer questions about your claim.

I can't afford a computer or Internet and even if I could, I lack the skills to use it. I can't strike off concrete or dig a hole with one. This is an injustice to working people. They hope you will get frustrated (and you will) and give up. My daughter says it is the worst website she has ever seen.

I kept my doctor and my house after three different bouts with catastrophic illness. Maybe Price has been hoodwinked by his insurance company.

He wrote that Obama would save money ending the wars (he was handed) and he passed it onto Egypt. That's been a money pit since President Nixon was in office, or was Price asleep like Reagan? They only woke up Reagan when they had a speech ready for him. Many of our economic problems are the product of Reaganomics.

We need to win the war on poverty before the Republicans start one with Russia.

Terry Lysakowski


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