Seek help when bullied

April 5, 2014 

I want to thank Carriel Junior High Principal Doug Wood, Vice Principal Ellen Hays and teacher Becky Klotz.

My sixth-grade son has been the victim of bullying. He endured four children swearing at him and calling him names when they saw him in the halls, at lunch, around school and on the bus. One of the children even became physical with my son several times, pushing him up and down stairs and bleachers.

These three educators responded quickly to our concerns and took my son's reports seriously. For that, we are grateful.

I also want to say how proud we are of our son. In the face of four bullies, he stood strong and did the right thing. Many times during the weeks of torment, he felt angry enough to strike one of the bullies but he maintained self-control -- because, as he puts it, "I am not that kind of person." Instead, he reported the incidents to adults -- eventually.

For weeks, he did what many victims do. He did not tell anyone how horrible things had become. When he became physically ill, I knew something was amiss. He now understands how important it is to speak up immediately.

We are moving this summer. My hope is that this group doesn't scout another victim. My prayer is also that my son continues to grow in his strength and courage in his new school.

Kim White


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