Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

April 6, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 30 Keck Acres; from Michael C. Wachtel; to Paul V. Tissier IV; $60,000.

* 812 E. Washington St.; from Holly Kathleen Hulsey; to Richard A. Surmeier, successor trustee of the Green Meadows Land Trust; $14,000.

* 1409 Salem Drive; from Becky Venuti and Michelle Reed; to Ryan Poovey and Ellissa Poovey; $118,500.

* 21 Northland Drive; from Jerry Trent; to Richard A. Surmeier, successor trustee of the Green Meadows Land Trust; $26,500.

* 1651 N. Church St.; from Karl T. Gilpin; to Steven D. Hollingsworth and Nancy M. Hollingsworth; $77,000.

* 6023 W. B St.; from St. Louis Investments LLC; to Andrew Sewell; $30,000.

* 504 Springdale Drive; from Craig Sever and Nancy Sever; to Sean Stancliff and Amy Stancliff; $104,000.

* 6913 W. C St.; from Gerald K. Kearney and Theresa S. Kearney; to Marca Girgenti; $54,000.

* 24 Oak Knoll Place; from John Shaffer and Beverly Shaffer; to Rosanne Thurber; $168,000.

* 21 Dale Crest Manor; from Irene Schmidt; to Daniel James Walter II; $62,500.


* 840 Jerome Lane; from Anthony Elfrink and Rose M. Elfrink; to Raymond E. Goleaner and Judith L. Goleaner; $45,000.


* 312 N. 2nd St.; from Millicent J. Johnson, Tracy A. Caraway, Carla S. Fischer, Truman L. Arendall II; to Jamie L. Zdroj; $83,000.

* 1411 N. 5th St.; from Santa Ana Holding LLC; to Jo Ann Moore; $39,500.

* 210 N. 2nd St.; from SI Securities LLC; to Hector Montes and Diann Montes; $11,500.

* 432 Edwin Drive; from C.A. Jones Inc.; to Lynn Chitty and Deborah Chitty; $125,000.


* 412 Lake Stratford Circle; from Lincoln Ellis and Sharon C. Ellis; to Dennis M. Mares and Emily A. Blackburn; $150,000.

* 108 Chateau Drive; from Denis Dineen and Diane Dineen; to Mei Yun Zheng; $9,000.

* 861 Foxgrove Drive; from Daniel T. Kloess; to Mahmood Investors LLC; $102,000.


* 105 Elizabeth Drive; from Joann H. Pruett; to Rod Savage; $110,000.


* 313 N. John St.; from The Lincoln Real Estate Group; to Chloe Simon and Mark Simon; $112,000.

* 476 Falling Leaf Way; from Philip Kogler and Clarita Kogler; to Southern Illinois Living Centers; $135,000.

* 1190 Larkspur Drive; from Timothy Casey and Elizabeth Casey; to Richard Fuess II and Erika Fuess; $214,000.

* 1011 W. Harnett St.; from Michael N. Webb and Lori M. Webb; to Timothy Casey and Elizabeth Casey; $117,000.

* 617 W. South St.; from Myron F. Renth; to Timothy S. Friederich; $69,000.

* 411 Amethyst Lane; from CNR Inc.; to David Filkins and Rebecca Filkins; $196,000.


* 900 Stone Briar Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Matthew A. Wilson; $207,000.

* 1063 Chapel Hill Drive; from Stone Bridge Villas LLC; to Chriss Miller and Michelle Miller; $250,000.


* 968 Kleefled Lane; from Jeanine Brenner Bergan; to Scott Behrmann and Shelly Behrmann; $34,000.


* 310 Berwick Crossing; from TTW LLC; to Jonathon K. Hubbard; $255,000.


* 309 Fieldcrest Drive; from The Lincoln Real Estate Group; to Cody J. Bettac; $140,000.

* 2913 Edgelake Court; from Matthew T. Sims and Gina Sims; to Olujimi Mitchom and Kendra Mitchom; $257,500.

* 1953 Llewellyn Road; from Sean Davis; to Michael Webb and Lori Webb; $200,000.



* 550 Landmark Blvd.; from Landmark Real Estate Development LLC; to Fair Oaks Valley LLC: $1,300,000.

* 7407 Cedar Drive; from Frank A. Powers; to Thomas E. Roth and Jennifer M. Roth; $53,000.

* 1 Sheffield Circle; from Michael C. Krug and Deborah L. Krug; to Craig A. Burris and Kimberly M. Burris; $230,000.

* 414 Lampert St.; from George R. Julian and Donna M. Julian; to Heather J. Legette, Jonathan C. Grinstead, Karen S. Grinstead; $40,500.


* 1 Willow Court; from Mark Ogle and Kim Ogle; to Anthony P. Ventimiglia and Sheila M. Ventimiglia; $250,000.

* 217 Brown St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jeffrey R. Hebenstreit and Irma Hebenstreit; $43,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 303 Avalon St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Justin Bloodworth and Kelsey Bloodworth; $60,948 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 722 St. Louis Road; from Michael Benker and Tricia K. Benker; to Joel N. Conner; $112,500.

* 531 Mary Ave.; from Greenwood Property Investment Inc.; to Joanna L. Kallal; $120,500..

* 1412 Alice St.; from Anthony J. Janini; to Anthony Barbarotto III; $83,500.

* 5600 Old Keebler Road; from Luthern Senior Services; to Adam Wells and Rebecca Wells; $145,000.

* 105 Royal Drive; from Adam Wells and Rebecca Wells; to Byron H. Capper; $120,000.

* 1911 Golfview Drive; from Martin L. Norton, Tamara J. Norton, Martin L. Norton Trust, Tamara J. Norton Trust; to Mark E. Ahlvers and Teri J. Ahlvers; $187,500.


* 18 Gayln Lane; from Fannie Mae; to Gary Layton Jr.; $207,000.


* 151 Ginger Hill Court; from Robert S. Biarkis and Kathryn S. Biarkis; to Bruce O. Wright Jr. and Catherine M. Wright; $290,000.

* 31 Grainey Drive; from CPT58 Homes LLC; to Ryan P. Williams and Stephanie N. Parker; $135,500.

* 129 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Doug Hartmann Jr.; to Brian T. Mollett and Julie E. Droste; $286,000.

* 10 Williamsburg Lane; from Kris J. Tucker Loewe; to Kimberly Wilson; $140,000.


* 2613 Iowa St.; from Bill Gaede; to Cheryl E. Manuel; $40,000.

* 2820 Edgewood Ave.; from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; to Homeinvestors LLC; $20,000.

* 2421 Angela Drive; from Arthur A. Oppermann IV and Ashley N. Oppermann; to Glen A. Simspon and Sheila A. Simpson; $110,000.

* 3264 Edewood Ave.; from Kirk R. Wainwright, Beth A. Wainwright, Allyse D. Wainwright; to Nathan E. White and Jenna K. White; $108,000.


* 2723 Gardenia St.; from Lisa M. Brisky; to Travis J. Tebbe and Lora R. Tebbe; $127,000.

* 4 Stone Drive; from Brina L. Whittaker; to Jennifer L. Whittaker; $170,000.


* 1841 Rhodes St.; from Wanda Lee Schewe; to Todd A. Craig; $30,000.


* 6316 E. Main St.; from Dawn Wooley; to Adam Cange; $120,000.

6201 State Route 162; from Sharon L. Meyer; to Deidre Boyles; $128,000.


* 8932 Wendell Creek Drive; from Wendell Creek Estates LLC; to Penn Builders LLC; $50,000.

8936 Wendell Creek Drive; from Wendell Creek Estates LLC; to Penn Builders LLC; $50,000.


* 125 Turtle Creek; from Groves Investment Co.; to Joshua L. Groves; $139,000.

* 129 Forest Court; from Randy Frantz and Christine Frantz; to Cory T. Goldsboro and Amanda J. Simpson; $170,000.


* 1440 Ladd Ave.; from Enver Hamiti; to Trevor L. Emerson and Christina Emerson; $58,000.


*1894 Fountainbleau Drive; from Roy A. Hogan and Nina Y. Hogan; to Alyson Launcher and Casey Burns; $152,000.



* 207 S. Ferkel St.; from Lonnie S. Trembley, POA and Mark W. Warnock; to Carole Paris and Delbert Paris; $139,500.

* 8534 High Meadows Drive; from Lucy Osterhage, Ramily Revocable Trust and Todd Osterhage Family; to JLP Construction Co.; $50,000.

* 1055 N. Metter Ave.; from Jennifer Dodge, Larry L. Dodge, Deceased; to Gary L. Chitwood and Ruth A. Chitwood; $160,000.


* 311 Hillgard Landing; from Stacy Mooney and Thomas A. Mooney; to Morgan Stayton and Douglas Van Buren; $141,500.


* 4954 L Road; from Cathy L. Wiegard and Douglas F. Wiegard; to Julie A. Stern and Nathan J. Stern; $286,000.


* 707 Hartman Lane; from Bradley D. Cripe and Nancy A. Cripe; to Danielle A. Laurent and Clayton M. Turner; $195,000.

* 3863 HH Road; from Linda L. Johnson; to Cody A. Wetzler; $152,500.

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