What's out there: Wind-up chicks, fabric flowers and metal peacocks

April 6, 2014 

WInd-up chicks: Pier 1 Imports in Fairview Heights is hopping with these cute and fuzzy chicks and bunnies. Wind them up and watch them go. They make such a better choice than the real kind: When kids get tired of playing with them, they can just set them aside and dig into the chocolate Easter eggs. These are $4.50 each and come in three colors.

Spring caps: Dress up jeans and a tee: These soft cotton baseball caps get a fashion makeover with spring colors and patterns. This is just a sampling of what's in stock at For Love 21 at St. Clair Square in Fairview Heights. Each is $8.80.

Fabric flowers: Color is blooming everywhere, including at Michaels Crafts in Shiloh. These big fabric flowers are $1.99 each and stemless. Instead, they have a clip on the back, so you can wear one on a lapel, in your hair, even attached to your handbag.

Metal peacocks: At Home, the new home decor store (formerly Garden Ridge) in O'Fallon, is jammed with all kinds of (artificial) feathered friends, including these metal peacocks. They're $39.99 each. Also look for their cousins, the pink flamingoes.

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