Making a difference, all right

April 6, 2014 

Hillary Clinton made a difference with her inentional security reduction at the Benghazi embassy, causing the murder of four Americans by Islamic terrorists. Her response to a congressional committee was, "What difference does it make?" Like her boss, President "I can do anything I want" Obama, she is not accountable.

The Democrats lie and deny that their policies are responsible for the loss of American lives and prestige. Obama is making a difference. When not playing golf, vacationing or selling Obamacare, he helps his radical staff push his agenda to wreck our economy, appease our enemies and weaken our military -- not to mention ignoring laws, the Constitution and Congress.

Unaccountable politicians are making a difference in Illinois, as our County Board, General Assembly, representative to Congress and senator follow the Obama agenda. Our County Board pours tax money down the airport sinkhole and funds the East St Louis election board to influence voters. The unaccountable Tax Increment Financing frauds help fund the Democratic machine, which has bankrupted our state. Adding injury to insult, our congressman and senator promote the pain of Obamacare.

We, the people, must act to make a difference at the voting booth -- a difficult task with corruption running wide and deep benefiting many who vote. Time is critical for public employees, welfare recipients and minorities to realize that they are sacrificing their children's future by selling their votes to the enemies of liberty.

Ron Davinroy


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