Absentee, no ID required

April 7, 2014 

While visiting the East St. Louis Board of Elections prior to the March 18 election, a young woman walked in asking to vote absentee. She was first given a 5-by-8 size form and the Application for Absentee Ballot before receiving the ballot.

It was obvious she did not know anything about voting other than the small piece of paper she took out her purse to cast her vote. She asked the election personnel if she had to complete the other information on the ballot. Of course the answer was "no."

I questioned the election personnel: "Why would a person come into the Board of Elections to vote absentee instead of early voting? " It was explained to me by the board's director that when a person votes absentee, she does not have to show ID. To early vote you must show ID.

One must wonder if the bulk of the absentee votes in the city are obtained by sending young people into the Board of Elections with a name written on piece of paper to vote absentee, clueless of their party and the entire voting process. A question still remains. Why would the election law allow the Board of Elections to accept absentee voting instead of just early voting? An ID makes the difference.

Dorothy Joshway

East St. Louis

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