Abortion safety is a myth

April 7, 2014 

With the recent death of yet another pregnant woman by legal abortion, I find it so ironic the abortion supporters still try to pass abortion off as health care, or use their motto, "Safe, legal and rare."

The silence coming from the halls of feminism and the abortion industry is deafening.

The latest "choice" victim was identified as Lakisha Wilson, only 22 years old. She died on March 21 after an abortion in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1973, society was force-fed this bovine manure that women would die by rusty coat hangers if they didn't get their legal abortions. Really? According to the only reported stats, more women have died at the hands of those they entrusted to safe, legal and rare abortions, as they call it.

Women are dying far more often today by legalized abortions than the farce of rusty coat hangers of yesteryear. Abortion was founded on a lie and it exists on lies.

I'm sure Wilson, like many other murdered women, chose to die along with her unborn child. Her death certificate should read: Method of death: "Choice"/legal abortion.

More than likely, Wilson's family will settle for a couple million dollars as the family of deceased Tonya Reaves did recently, but the incompetency and negligence happening behind these slaughterhouse doors will go on. After all, we care more about dogs and horses than the treatment of humans. Born and unborn.

Angela Michael

Director, Small Victories


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