Compare the sales tax rates

April 7, 2014 

Edwardsville's sales tax is cheaper than most area towns', especially Belleville's. Just look at your sales receipt. Edwardsville is growing; look what that city has compared to Belleville. Look at their streets and then Belleville's.

Belleville just issues free money; the city has no written proof that it checks up on contracts with businesses given tax incentives. Does no one care? Belleville just hands out free money. The state should be advised of this.

Belleville has one of the highest sales tax rates around. Belleville pledges money to keep Scott Air Force Base, to keep jobs. What about all the jobs the businesses promise in their contracts? No one checks on these, just free money given out.

The people of Belleville should speak up.

It would be nice if the newspaper did a article on all the sales tax rates of the area cities for the people to see the difference and compare.

Lillian Schneider

Alderwoman at Large Belleville

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