Sanger award is no honor

April 7, 2014 

I am always amazed by the progressive politicians' ignorance of history. On March 27, Nancy Pelosi was awarded the highest honor, namely the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Award.

A brief review of Sanger's life history would have found she was an outspoken racist and eugenicist. She founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 as part of her plan to cleanse the human race of "weeds" and other people she deemed unfit for living.

Sanger wanted to encourage the abortion of children with birth defects as well as children of no-white races. In fact. Sanger hoped that Planned Parenthood could help facilitate the genocide of black families. But for her plan to work, she knew it had to be carried out under pretense.

Because of heavy propaganda aimed at black communities, a black child is three times more likely to be killed in the womb than a white one.

Since 1973 abortions have reduced the black population by more than 25 percent. Planned Parenthood operates the nation's largest chain of abortion clinics and almost 805 are located in minority neighborhoods. About 13 percent of American women are black but submit to more than 35 percent of the abortions.

Any feeling person who has researched the history of Planned Parenthood would be appalled to win the Margaret Sanger Award. But not Pelosi, the liberal progressive representative from California who has fought to protect late-term abortions. She was only too happy to accept this award.

William D. Coulson


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