Don't give GOP control

April 8, 2014 

Republicans want control of Congress, apparently as a reward for doing nothing to help America rebuild from President Bush's catastrophic recession.They have repeatedly and nonsensically voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, crippled unions, blocked jobs, restricted voting and reproductive rights. All this while ignoring important issues supported by a majority:

* Eliminating tax breaks for corporations using NAFTA and other schemes to "offshore" jobs.

* Raising the minimum wage.

* Enacting real banking reforms to break up "too big to fail" financial institutions.

* Passing comprehensive immigration reform.

* Recommitting to infrastructure maintenance and improvements.

* Prosecuting tax cheats who stash their billions overseas.

* Requiring background checks and other reasonable regulation of firearms.

* Introducing a campaign finance-reform amendment to remove corporate money and corrupt interests from politics.

Whatever happened to the idea of representing the will of the people? Government's been overrun by corporate, moneyed special-interests who don't care about our citizenry. Republicans benefit most from this obscenity (but both parties feed from the trough). Until the filthy hands of the lobbying industry are pried from the throat of government, democracy will suffer and America will decline.

So now the Republicans, who said they didn't want the president to succeed and have been willing to do nothing while America languishes, want to control Congress? We should all say no, nay, never.

Kevin J. Gagen


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