Rigged for failure

April 8, 2014 

We learned recently that many people feel the stock exchange is rigged for the larger players, to no one's surprise. I suggest diversity works the same way.

I worked with several groups, statewide, promoting jobs for minorities though the Illinois Department of Transportation and unions and was able to secure the only agreement granting finance to certified contractors who obtain IDOT work, having been turned down by others. Sadly the unions will not meet with the group at all and IDOT, respectfully, after two years has so complicated the process, nothing is happening.

After numerous trips to Springfield, lobbying legislators and meeting with IDOT top brass, we're now in what I call the musical chair phase. Past contacts we've made are reassigned, usually out of the area, destroying any continuity, thus creating frustration and anxiety.

Our ideals as a nation are lofty, but seldom do the twain meet with reality. At this time when inequality has never been greater, this is unacceptable of our politicians, state and federal leadership, unions, etc.

Alvin E. Bolden

Executive director

East St. Louis Neighborhood Development Corp.

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