Health care falls short

April 8, 2014 

"Not so fast," says the former CEO of Home Depot. Health care insurance will be anything but affordable. Many businesses will be forced to raise employees' share of premiums; small- and medium-size businesses will not be able to bear the brunt of the health care insurance tax and will be forced to lay off employees.

This could force the slowest recovery of a recession in U.S. history, back into recession, as people will have less money from their paychecks, if they have one, to spend on products. Fewer purchases means factory layoffs.

This double-dip recession will not be caused by anything that President Bush did, but only what the Dems voted for.

Every politician promises the moon but soon realizes the mouth overloaded his aspirations. You can only be Santa for so long. After robbing the toy stores so much, soon the toy stores don't have any toys on their shelves. Are we close to that point?

John Schrand


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