Bobcats: Please be informed

April 8, 2014 

In Wikipedia, it states a bobcat can be from 12 inches to 24 inches at the shoulder and 18 inches to 49 inches long from the head to the base of the tail; an adult male can weigh from 14 to 40 lbs.

According to the National Agricultural Statistic Services, bobcats killed 11,100 sheep in 2004, comprising 4.9 percent of all sheep predator deaths.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has performed a predator study by putting radio collars on bears, wolves, coyotes and bobcats. Of 85 bear clusters (areas where the animal spent an extended amount of time), they found one dead fawn. Searches of 57 bobcat clusters turned up seven dead fawns and three adult deer. They redoubled their efforts the following year and searched 121 bobcat clusters, and found 17 dead fawns (14 percent of 121 clusters) and one adult deer. A Minnesota study had the same results.

In Wikipedia, it states that a bobcat is a very efficient predator and can kill prey up to eight times its own weight.

Illinois DNR estimates that there are 3,000 bobcats south of Interstate 64. At 14 percent, that comes to 421 fawns.

I agree wholeheartedly that extended hunting seasons in some Illinois counties were detrimental to the deer population and should be stopped.

I also believe strongly that a hunting or trapping season for bobcats in Illinois would be beneficial. Perhaps it would help our rabbit and quail population come back.

Herman "Bud" Jansen


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