Bowman case: Where are they now?

News-DemocratApril 9, 2014 

Steve Evans -- Gregory Bowman's defense attorney during the St. Louis County trial. He is serving a 15-month prison sentence on fraud charges for keeping client settlement funds for himself.

Joe Dueker -- Lead prosecutor during the St. Louis County trial. Appointed a judge in 2010. He now serves on the family court.

Robert J. Miller -- Lead investigator into the West and Jany murders. Died in 2011. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Miller used another prisoner to plot an escape with Bowman, who then confessed to the Elizabeth West and Ruth Ann Jany murders to delay his transfer to Menard. A judge ruled the confession wasn't freely given and awarded Bowman a new trial.

Danny Stark -- Bowman's former cellmate and fellow plotter of escape plan. Stark is serving a 24-year federal prison term for tractor thefts.

Jim Rokita -- Former lead investigator in the West and Jany homicides. Later became Belleville Police Chief. Now retired and works as civilian employee for the Belleville Police Department.

Clyde Kuehn -- Former St. Clair County State's Attorney who initially prosecuted Bowman. Appointed to the bench in 1994 and later assigned to the Fifth District Appellate Court in 1995. Retired from the bench in 2005. He is currently in private practice with his son in Belleville.

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