Let's hear from the AMA

April 9, 2014 

True believers like letter writer John Mitan continue to remain in angst about abortion as a mortal sin. I am sure it is, but that is not why I am anti-abortion. I don't thinkreligion should be legislated and/or that morals can be mandated by government. I am sure that alcoholism, drug addiction and prostitution are all morally wrong, but it has not stopped them from being a problem throughout history.

I am anti-abortion because of two unquestionable points:

Abortion is an abrogation of responsibility that began with someone having sex carelessly.Pregnancy is not a disease that can be caught from someone sneezing near you. It requires decision-making and the wrong decision is the sin. Abortion is a further exercise of irresponsibility in a vain human attempt to avoid the consequences of the prior bad decision.

The second reason, for me, is that the definition of all sin is "dysfunctional behavior." I define that as doing something that hurts you or someone else, immediately or eventually.Every law ever written was enacted to discourage this type of behavior.

I don't think messages from the pulpit or protests by religious people will stop the legality of abortion. What can? Well, if the American Medical Association pronounced as fact that life begins at conception (or at some other point before birth), abortion would become murder. Period.

Everyone should know what their doctor thinks and why this has not happened. Then write or call the AMA.

Joseph M. Reichert


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